RIP Heritage


Bath’s Development Control Committee have granted planning permission for the Holburne’s extension, 7 votes to 4 (one abstention).

For excellent, and detailed notes on the committee meeting, please refer to the Bath Heritage Watchdog’s Holburne WEB page. It describes the irregularities very well.


R.I.P. Heritage

What has change, since the July committee meeting? Certainly not the design. It is the same as the one resoundingly refused, except a change of colour.

All that has happened is that Parry has changed the colour from blue to beige, and the committee had a closed meeting at which developers were allowed to present “facts”, unchallanged (and to add to the pressure, Geoff Webber was acting as cheerleader for the project – as he has done since this whole calamity began).

The committee was showing signs of being able to protect The City from damaging developments. However, one tweaked design, a closed meeting with the developer, and POW! Heritage, The Holburne and Sydney Gardens is hit.